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Jackson Laundry is a professional triathlete living and training in Guelph Ontario.


He started his endurance sport journey running cross country in grade school, but didn’t start training seriously until late in secondary school.

While studying at The University of Guelph, Jackson built more focus on Triathlon and joined team LPC. James Loaring has coached him for more than 4 years and has had played a significant role in Jackson's development as well as his turning professional in 2014.

Jackson continues to focus on both non-drafting and draft legal racing in both short course and long course distances. His 2017 season features his IRONMAN 70.3, ITU draft legal events, and short course non drafting professional races.



July 7th, 1993



175 cm (5'-9")

65-67 kg (143-148 lbs)



BSc Human Kinetics (minor in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Science) from University of Guelph.  Graduated with Honours in 2015.

Felt Bicycles

Felt makes really fast bikes! It’s as simple as that. The Felt IA1 Jackson acquired in 2017 is without a doubt the fastest bike he has ever raced on.

LPC Hurdle Project

The LPC Hurdle Project is a division of teamLPC with the goal of lowering triathlon related costs for student and professional endurance athletes with performance based goals.

This sponsorship has helped to make triathlon more financially sustainable for Jackson by funding transportation to some races, reimbursing entry fees, covering the cost of LPC sanctioned training days, lowering the cost of coaching, and providing free use of otherwise expensive equipment.


Prolutions Project Management

“At Prolutions Project Management, we believe that results are best achieved through professionalism, attention to detail, hard work and ethical behaviour.  As a competitive triathlete and fan of the sport, I appreciate those same traits in the people I have the opportunity to train with and race against.

Having had the chance to get to know Jack, I’ve come to appreciate his innate talent, unparalleled work ethic and true professionalism.  Always courteous, Jack presents himself as a true ambassador for the sport so when the chance arose to give something back and support this developing young professional, we were happy to get involved.” – Bruce Ysselstein, Principal & Senior Project Manager, Prolutions Project Management Inc.

Dundas Speed Shop

Located in Dundas Ontario, Dundas Speed Shop provides professional cycling sales, as well as service and bike fitting at unparalleled quality. Owners Scott Kelly and Chad Grochowina have over 3 decades of combined bike industry experience, including mechanic work for 20 world championships and 3 Olympic games.

The Dundas Speed Shop provides Jackson with bike service and fitting, and they are the premier place for performance and quality for cyclists of all abilities.

DK Orthotic Solutions

Drew Korzeniowski founded DK Orthotic Solutions in 2009 in order to provide his clients with treatment plans and orthotic designs which allowed them to maximize their recovery from injury and promote maximal muscle efficiency during activity and sport. He uses a wide range of cutting edge technologies and materials, along with his background and experience to help his clients improve their athletic performance and/or physical well being. Drew’s orthotics have personally helped keep Jackson's feet healthy while running, biking, and recovering.

ZiZU Optics

ZiZU Optics manufactures high performance sunglasses and is official supplier of Triathlon Canada. Use code JACKSON20 to get 20% off when shopping online for ZiZU Optics.

Pearl iZUMi

Pearl iZUMi has some of the best quality running and cycling gear available. They are known for high performance gear to meet training and racing needs of any triathlete.


LiftKing is a leading material handling manufacturing company in North America. They provide significant financial sponsorship to aid in maintaining a sustainable triathlon career for Jackson.



Perfexia is a metal fabrication design company providing Jackson with funds to cover the costs of essential triathlon equipment.

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