Quick updates on Escape Lake Geneva tri, Thanksgiving Day 10k, and what's next

Two weeks after Ironman 70.3 Worlds was the last Olympic tri of my season, Escape Lake Geneva. I was eager to race against a lot of the best short course guys around, including Cam Dye, Jason West, Rudy Von Berg, and the quickly improving Brian Duffy Jr. It was also a chance for a fun road trip with my friends and team mates Garrick Loewen and David Hopton. Unfortunately, the race didn't go as I had hoped, here's a quick recap.

The swim was the best part of the race, I just missed the lead group (which seems to be a common theme this year), but managed to stay with Garrick which was my goal. We came out approximately 70 seconds down from the lead group, with several in our pack.

Unfortunately my legs just didn't have the pop they normally do on the bike course. I honestly didn't look at the power data after the race, but I know the average was around 290 watts, over 30 watts lower than my personal best for an Oly tri which came earlier this year at the St. Anthony's triathlon. I came off the bike with Brian, Jason was right behind us, Von Berg was a couple minutes ahead, and Dye was off the front with a big lead.

I knew my best option was to try beat Brian on the run, and not to bother trying to run with Jason. Brian got out of transition a couple seconds ahead, and despite trying desperately for the first few kilometers of the run, he (and Jason) just kept getting further away. Much like on the bike course, my legs just felt drained of energy.  Fortunately I was able to hang on for 5th place, the last prize money spot. It's hard to say exactly why I didn't have a good day, but the one thing that certain is that I was in need of a late season break before getting back into hard training.

At the Hot Tub at Grand Geneva Resort.

At the Hot Tub at Grand Geneva Resort.

The highlight of the trip was hanging out at the Grand Geneva resort with Dave and Garrick after the race, while drinking beer and watching Super League.

The Guelph Thanksgiving day 10km, Photo by Maureen Hay.

The Guelph Thanksgiving day 10km, Photo by Maureen Hay.

The week after the race, I took a recovery week with no hard training to recharge the batteries, then started into another hard training block before Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos on November 12th. Cody Beals is also doing the race, and we have planned lots of swim and run training together leading into Los Cabos. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on how the training with him is going.

A couple weeks into the training block I jumped into the Guelph Thanksgiving Day 10km road race. I won the race last year with a 33 low, but this year I only managed a 33:47, finishing second. The goal was to get an all out effort in, at well above half iron pace, so mission accomplished.

Now, its just a matter of staying motivated and healthy in this last training block before Los Cabos. I'm looking forward to being able to focus and taper for one isolated race, which I haven't been able to do since Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico.

Thanks for reading!