A pre-season catch up...

Lots has happened since my last post, here are some quick highlights...

Arrhythmia Diagnosis

My heart arrhythmia has been diagnosed as AV Nodal Reentry Tachychardia. This condition is not health threatening in any way. It can be performance limiting in some cases, but in my particular case it occurs rarely and is unlikely to require treatment! If it becomes more frequent or debilitating in the future, I will explore the best treatment option which would be low risk and have a quick recovery time. For some info on what happens during an occurrence, read my update from Niagra Falls Barrelman 2016.

Bike and Swim Benchmarks

I achieved a January best 20 minute power test result of 349 watts (6 watts shy of my all time best), and a 2000m swim PB of 24:08 which was 51 seconds faster than last year! Good signs for the season to come.

New Sponsors and a New Machine

I am pleased to now be working with DKOS and Felt. Drew from DKOS has provided me with 3 pairs of awesome custom orthotics, and Felt with the new IA 1 tri bike. These guys will surely help with my performance this year, along with all my other sponsors! The LPC Hurdle ProjectZiZU OpticsDundas SpeedShopProlutions Project Management and Pearl Izumi. Thank you all for your continued support!

First shot on the new bike.  Photo by Maddy McMillan

Florida campLPC

I was a camp coach again this year and managed to log my biggest week of training ever! I completed approximately 660km of biking, 85km of running, and 28km of swimming in 8 days. I was also fortunate to get to stay with Robert Buren (Canada’s first paraplegic to race at AND complete Ironman World Championships in Kona, also happens to be an LPCer) after Florida camp for a few nights before heading the Puerto Rico. Thanks a lot for putting up with me Rob! Also thanks Ryan Power for lending me your bike bag for the flights!

Bryan Cole (who missed the speedo memo), John Pulford, me, Ben Rudson,Billy Bostad, and David Hopton. Photo by Maddy McMillan.