Draft Legal Provincial Championships: a quick recap

Draft legal provincial championships was the first race of a weekend double, with Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in Benton Harbor Michigan the following day. I have done weekend doubles before and had success in doing so, this gave me the confidence to think I can have good races on both days.

 The swim was another good one for me, as most have been this season. The in water start seems to work well for me typically, and this race was no different. I got into the main pack right away and stayed there for the entire swim. I came out of the water right behind team mates Dylan Pust and Garrick Loewen .

As per usual, I got onto the bike and rode at a threshold effort until I caught the leader(s), in this case it was Myles Zagar all by himself. Garrick, Francis Lefebvre, and Pat Smith each took a few turns at the front to help the chase. We dropped a few guys in this initial 6 or 7 kilometers of hammering, and once we caught Myles the lead pack of 5 was established. When we were all together, nobody seemed to want to take turns at the front, so we rode at a fairly low effort for the rest of the bike.



Myles had a great transition and immediately got a 5 second gap on me. The gap was slowly getting bigger and after 3km I could see that Pat Smith was in 3rd at least 30 seconds behind me. I decided to decrease the effort in the last 2km to save some energy for Steelhead, and came in 2nd behind Myles. Pat came 3rd, Garrick 4th, and Dylan 5th after a great run. I was very happy with how I felt and performed on the run, Myles was just a bit too quick for me and deserved the win.

This was my best ever result at provincials and I was glad to improve upon my performance at National Championships where I wasn't pleased with my run. It was nice to see my team mates have good races as well. Garrick, Dylan, and Dave Hopton finished 4th, 5th, and 11th respectively. Several LPCers raced well in the age group race, including the overall win by Ben Rudson.

After the race, myself and a bunch of my friends packed up for a road trip to Benton Harbor. Stay tuned to find out what went down at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead the next day!